London Theater Breaks for the Weekend

London theater breaks for the weekend are becoming quite the popular choice these days for tourists. Hit shows can be seen with a theater break package, which is how many people have the chance to see shows that are sold out elsewhere.
When booking your theater break, a few agencies will sort hotels in different manners. Personally, I categorize each hotel by the distance it is from the theater in attempts to find one within walking distance, usually a mile or less. Another advantage of a central hotel, besides the close proximity to theaters, is the convenience of being located in the center of the shops located in the West End.

When arriving at London on a Friday night, you can head straight over to see a show at the theater if you book your visit at that time, or you can schedule it for Saturday evening. However, if you opt to go straight to the theater on Friday, you will probably not have the opportunity to eat a meal first. Saturday viewers can drop their belongings off at their room, get ready for the show, and sit down to dinner all within an hour.

West End restaurants most often start serving dinner at 5:30 in order to allow people to have plenty of time to eat before their theater shows. Most menus offer meals at a great value and serve them quickly. Another option is to make reservations that are included in your theater break, which will save you money.

It is usually preferable to book your theater show for Saturday. Doing so will allow you to relax and unwind on Friday and explore the city. And on Saturday before your show, you can see the sites and shop. Between your excursions, you should take the time for an afternoon tea at Fortum and Masons – it is quite a treat. Along with tea, you will be served scones, cakes, and sandwiches that are dainty and delicate, but filling too.

This is a fantastic way to experience a traditional English custom. Do not forget to reserve your tea time in advance. Top theater break agencies offer their clients the opportunity to have their tea reservations as a part of their theater break, usually at a discounted rate. And since you will be satisfied by the food served at tea time, you should experience no hunger throughout regular timed shows.

Between 10:00 and 10:30 at night, there are several wonderful locations where you can enjoy a late supper. La Taska is one establishment I like – the Spanish tapas are a personal favorite of mine and you can either eat it all yourself or share with your companion. There are also English pubs on the West End that have great beverages and even better atmospheres, but food is usual not served after 9:00 at night.

When you finally make your way back to the hotel, you can relax with a nightcap. It is for the best that you chose a hotel so close to the theater as you will be tired after your full day. Plus, you will not be dealing with the hassle and expense of a rickshaw, black cab, or the tube.

If you are accustomed to rising early on the weekends, you will find that Sunday mornings are ideal for sightseeing expeditions. During this quiet period in the city of London, you can see all of the tourist hot spots, such as the Westminster Abbey, without waiting in long, crowed lines.